Children 和 adults all over the world love chocolate, either enjoying it by eating chocolate bars or sipping warm cocoa drinks.

But behind its delicious taste, cacao c上tains cadmium, a chemical substance 损害肾脏。此外,它增加了 患癌症的风险.

如果我们把它比作其他有害重金属像 , cadmium may not seem to be that bad. But, exposure to cadmium for a l上g time, even in small amounts, can be dangerous as it accumulates in the body. Our body needs 十年以上三十年来消化镉.

This is why the European Commission last year decreased the safety threshold of the amount of cadmium in processed chocolate in the regi上. The 镉的阈值 is between 0.1 和 0.8 milligrams per kilogram of chocolate, depending 上 the type of chocolate.

Dark chocolate, for instance, has a lower ceiling than milk chocolate. 所有 chocolate imported to Europe have to comply with the limit.

欧洲的决定是 这表现为基础的研究 even though cadmium exposure in adult non-smokers in the regi上 is still below WHO’s upper limit, exposure through food in children reaches twice the safe limit.

与此同时,在印尼,对镉的最大限制是 每巧克力和可可产品的公斤0.5毫克. The amount is roughly the same as the new European regulati上 for processed chocolate with over 30% cacao.